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Comment Posted by jay Oct 13, 2007 03:36 PM

I have entered the stats for the guys that played games this year and that have registered to the site. Let me add based on what I see that there are a number of guys on each team that should have registered because they have accumulated BIG numbers.

Chad Stewart (Headhunters) Ridiculous numbers Over 10 TDs and close to that in INTS while QBing 1/2 games.
Norville Oxebin (Headhunters) probably 30 sacks or so
Tim Schultz (Riders)
Scott Laroque (Riders)
Allan Bogdan (Gophers) Also a TD Machine
Adrien Bomak (Gophers) probably 20-25 sacks
Brad Johnson (Fumblers)
Chad Snyder (Fumblers)
Chris Leech (Headhunters)
Kelly Bahrey (Huskies)
Stefan Geddes (Beavers)
Jeff Heck (Beavers)
Eldon Chillog (Beavers)
Murray Beavers (Beavers)
Alex Katelnikoff (Beavers)
Mike Hutchinson (Gophers)
Shannon Kachur (Rhinos)
Darryl Hnatiw (Rhinos)
Damien Schmidt (Rhinos)
Les Watch (Rhinos)

These guys all had big numbers that would have been great to enter..but based on the fact that you need an email address and a log-in, simply couldnt. The Creators of this site have that as a rule. Apologies to those who would like to see their stats. Next year sign up. Thanks to teams who saved their stuff.


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